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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vovo Julia Sketch

Vovo Julia sketch, scratch board, 5x7", NFS

This is a sketch I did for a patron who is making a series of books that contain Brazilian
folklores. These books are called "cordels" and they were started by the poor working class in Brazil many decades ago. I love this graphical interruption from the full color portraits and landscapes that normally fill up my days. -Jared

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New commission works

Here's a preliminary sketch that I have been working on these last couple of days for a local doctor. The husband and wife are Dr. Wayne Finley and Dr. Sara Crews Finley, both influential physicians in the field of medical genetics, especially in Alabama. The local doctor, here in Montgomery, that has commissioned this painting was a former student of the Finley's and has collaborated some of his colleagues to honor the couple at a gathering this August. Dr. Payne decided to talk to me about this particular piece after viewing my works at Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery, AL. I will keep you all posted with the progress on this piece.

~~~~~~~~Additionally, I have not been able to upload much work lately due to a recent move. My wife and I moved into a three bedroom apartment to accommodate my increasing art production and to make room for my father who has decided to come stay with us. It's an enormous change of lifestyle but one that I am grateful for and one that my wife has graciously endorsed. Anyhow, I will be uploading more about my new studio space and artworks. May you all fare well with your art ventures! - Jared