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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Gretzky Card Hits Ebay!!!!!!!

Gretzky, acrylic on trading card, 2.5x3.5", 2011

This first of my hand painted Parkhurst cards has finally turned up on Ebay!! I have been monitoring the site, waiting for one to appear. The other cards by other artists were going for an average of $50 after all bidding. My card has had only 3 bids so far and is already at $150!!! I hope you'll check it out HERE. Thanks for the opportunity to do this, Upper Deck. Best of luck to all the collectors out there bidding on this great little masterpiece. - Jared


Les G said...

I was just lucky enough to pull one of the Gordie Howe cards you painted for Upper Decks Parkhurst Champions. It is amazing, I can't wait to see the work you do for In The Game. The inclusion of your work has added a new and extremely unique twist to trading cards.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Hi Jared
I would like feature your soccer painting on my blog. Can you confirm the David Beckham and the Diego Maradona ? I've not been able to find scans.

Thanks - Chucks Used Cards