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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Graphite Portrait

Lucy, graphite, 11x14", private commission
Here is my latest graphite portrait. It wasn't exactly a year ago when I was first asked to do one of these graphite child portraits and now I am having trouble counting how many I've drawn. This particular portrait is of one of my wife's co-workers who had purchased one of my portrait certificates at a Christmas fundraiser for the private school at which I teach. She (the co-worker AKA Lucy) is not 8 years old, of course, but picked out this school picture because her mother loves it and Lucy wanted to give her mother something sentimental and extra special this Christmas. I love the curls in her hair and had fun erasing to get those hair highlights. Erasing strands of hair in portraits makes the whole process unbelievably easier. Also, I really tried to frame her little face but enhancing the shadows in her hair, especially around her cheeks. Doing this also helped to unify the dark shade of her eyes which was made using a 8B pencil. Let me know what you think and remember - this would make a great gift for a friend or loved one anytime. Contact me if you are interested! - Jared