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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

What an honor - I got home from a long day at work with my eyes shriveled, ready to turn into dust thanks to my laptop monitor, and I find the Kreativ Blogger award waiting for me. I want to thank Julie Davis, one of my favorite blogging co-artists, for gifting me such a fun award. Of course, it's just an honor to be nominated :) I understand that I must do a couple of things:
1 - name 7 things for which you are grateful, and
2- link back to 7 artists of your choice to whom you would like to grant this same award.

Things for which I am grateful:
1. My God
2. My Health
3. My Wife
4. My Talents
5. My Country
6. My Education
7. My Two Cats

Seven Artists to whom I give this award

Youqing Wang
Alida Thorpe
Lisa Gloria
4. Michael Naples
5. Tommy Kane
6. Pierre Raby
7. Sara Winters

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Wife's New Blog!!

I am very excited to announce that my wife is now a blogger!!!! I write this post to entice you to visit her new budding blog. Cailin has always been an artist in her own right and she has always had a knack for crafting but recently she has taken the leap to blogging. I have been blogging for a few years now and I kept telling

her that it's easy as pie (like the kinda pie you just ask for at the fast food window, not the kind you have to actually put together and throw in the oven). Well, she's got her blog up and running. It's called Made by Cailin and it showcases her wonderful purse organizers. She made one of these in the recent past to be a simple help to herself. The frustration she had (and I suspect that 99.9% of women in the world have) is that she always had to spend more time than she wanted moving several (and by several I mean thousands) of individual items, essential items she assures me, from one purse to another when the occasion (or whim) requires her to change purses. To solve this frustration and to make her life much easier she threw together this convenient little organizer, as shown above. She just loads the pockets of the organizer with her essential items and she can then wrap, fold, or bundle her purse-inizer to any handbag she desires without wasting time looking for loose change and other items. She has dozens of patterns and is making dozens more. Check out her website by clicking on the logo or pictures. And while your there become one of her followers - it's looking a little measly at the moment. - Jared