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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Graphite Portrait

Lucy, graphite, 11x14", private commission
Here is my latest graphite portrait. It wasn't exactly a year ago when I was first asked to do one of these graphite child portraits and now I am having trouble counting how many I've drawn. This particular portrait is of one of my wife's co-workers who had purchased one of my portrait certificates at a Christmas fundraiser for the private school at which I teach. She (the co-worker AKA Lucy) is not 8 years old, of course, but picked out this school picture because her mother loves it and Lucy wanted to give her mother something sentimental and extra special this Christmas. I love the curls in her hair and had fun erasing to get those hair highlights. Erasing strands of hair in portraits makes the whole process unbelievably easier. Also, I really tried to frame her little face but enhancing the shadows in her hair, especially around her cheeks. Doing this also helped to unify the dark shade of her eyes which was made using a 8B pencil. Let me know what you think and remember - this would make a great gift for a friend or loved one anytime. Contact me if you are interested! - Jared


MarilynM said...

Hi Jared, this portrait is beautiful, I just love the warmth in her face.

I wanted to let you know I "tagged" you in my blog, I hope you don't mind!.

Check out my post to find out how to tag other friends and keep this rolling!

The Pyper Fam said...

Hey Jared! We just got your Christmas card and I was so excited to find out you have a blog! So we can keep in touch with you guys a little better! I love your art and would absolutley love a drawing of Tucker one day! :) We still have the one you did of us on our wedding day up in our house and love it! I loved 'Bella' too! :)I wish we could see you guys more! We didn't even make it down for Christmas this year, but we're hoping to make it in the spring or summer sometime. Hope all is well. Our blog is just your regular ol' family blog, but if you are ever dying to know what us Pypers are up to, this is the place to go!! :) I also checked out your sisters photography blog-and was really impressed! It was just good to see what you guys were up to! Tell Cailin hi for me!

Cheryl Anderson said...

I found your blog through Steven Walker. Your work is beautiful, and this portrait is great! Such a wonderful face, and you've captured it so well.
Cheryl Anderson

Beth P. said...

Hey Jared, do you know how i can get in touch with Micheal Jenkins? Lady approached me today wanting a commision done georgia okeffe style and from the way she was talking it just sounded right up Mike's alley with his usual abstracts. I know he's working on one at AUM but I never see him there. If you're interest as well please contact me at by the way if you wanna stroll by my gallery site it's Hope you're doing well!

Cheryl Anderson said...

Jared, I tagged you on my blog. I know you've probably played that game a million times and are too busy, but I wanted to at least put up a link to your site. I love your work, and wanted to share it with others.

David Patterson said...

Beautiful work Jared!

Sonia said...

Stunning portrait!