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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Presidential Commission #2

Bill Clinton, acrylic on panel, 10.5x13", 2010
As I have mentioned before, I have been commissioned to do several presidential portraits for the Anzalone Liszt Research firm in Montgomery, AL. John Anzalone has proven to be a strong patron for art and I was able to deliver both Carter and Clinton's portraits to him the other day. Whenever I paint a portrait, one of the worst things that can happen for me is for the portrait to resemble someone else, someone extremely well known. The reason is simple: people with whom we are very familiar, like celebrities and relatives, have memorable faces ingrained in our minds. Once a portrait begins to resemble someone else besides the person to be portrayed, it becomes a struggle to ignore the subconscious pull to paint that incorrect visage and to focus on what I am actual "seeing". With that said, this portrait of Bill looked a lot like Robert Redford early on. It required an extra dose of attention to detail but in the end I think that I nailed him fairly well (nailed perhaps a bad word choice when referencing Bill Clinton). I expect to post the three remaining portraits in the commission soon, they are Obama, JFK, and L.B. Johnson. - Jared


Manon Doyle said...

You nailed Bill perfectly! Wow! I just saw it on my dashboard and thought I'd come by and congratulate you on a terrific job!!

Manon Doyle said...

Jared..... one would think that I set up my blog like that...... but.... my web guy did the! It's what I wanted I just couldn't get it done with the templates they provide.