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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Boxer

The Boxer, acrylic on board, 10x8", 2010 - SOLD

I have been on a K-9 kick for a while now and I recently found the website of Rodney White and have been inspired to tweak the doggies just a bit. Rodney HAD a cool site a few weeks ago and in revisiting his site before posting this image I have found that it is even cooler. I have never seen a site so easily interactive and entertaining. This guy is awesome. I have always been a moth to typography but have never felt that I had what it takes to become a graphic artist. Honestly, when I was in college I couldn't think of a more boring career than the graphic arts. But now as a wiser and much more cultured 29 year old I have found myself experimenting again with text and symbols in my work. This transition was bridged by my affinity for patterns. On any given day, my house is spattered with patterned fabrics in every room. It;s not because I am the No.1 fan of Project Runway, on the contrary - my wife is a creative body too and spends much of her time sewing small crafts using these various fabrics. I have used elements from these great designs in past watercolors still posted on this blog. Now I am having fun mixing the patterns and the text. I don't know what to tell you to expect in the future but I am sure having fun in the meantime. Now I must go .... Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming on and I can't miss it. Peace - Jared


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love this one! Words and images together can be very powerful. You've done a nice job here!

Dana Cooper said...

I too love this one Jared, you married the words and image into a powerful piece!