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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bride's Maid

Ashley, 26x52" oil on canvas
This is my little sis, Ashley. I wanted her to get something special for highschool graduation. In this piece I was inspired by the trompe l'eoil genre and messed around with it. I used a BW photograph for the reference (which I do often) and found that by keeping the landscape in greyscale it actually helped push Ashley to the foreground - she almost leaps off the canvas! I let her lower body blend more into the surrounding area by leaving only light washes of pigment. It was hard to give away!


Ashley Kelley said...

This one is pretty much amazing :) Ha.

J.Kelley said...

I'm glad you like this, Ash. I think you'll enjoy knowing that people ask me if it's Jennifer Anniston quite often. Wow - I think your head is going to expload! :)