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Friday, February 29, 2008

Simulacramorphous-HAPPY LEAP YEAR

Simulacramorphous, 11x22" woodcut, contact artist for price
Try placing that word on the Scrabble board! This is one of my first attempts at printmaking ever. This woodcut opened up a part of my creative mind that I haven't tapped into much. During the senior year of my undergraduate studies, I took a couple of printmaking classes just to fulfill some lingering electives - after all I was a painting major. Notwithstanding a very restricting first Professor, I was taken instantly with the medium and the process of black and white compositions. As a painter I spend most of my days dealing with color issues. Now, confronted with the void of hues I was free to express my sentiments in a very graphic nature - visually speaking as well as subject matter.
This piece is a strong cultural commentary. The title derives from the term simulacrum which has been used in journal essays to describe the works of Andy Warhol. Basically, a simulacrum is a copy of a copy - a watered down and distorted whisper of reality. I thought that this would serve my purpose in this image well.
Look forward to seeing more prints coming to this site soon. It's become a strong second love for me! Please contact me to purchase one of these prints. The editions are very limited. Best wishes - JK

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