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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Pop Culture Icons for Local Fine Dining

Audrey Hepburn(SOLD), Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Dr. MLK
each, acrylic on panel, 2010
$1200/ea @ Charleston House Gallery or Buy Now below

These are additions to an ongoing series of pop culture icons which is on display at the very successful Chop House restaurant in Montgomery, AL. I wrote about the original set of portraits which were the centerpiece of my undergraduate painting thesis exhibition. You can read the original post here.... I have had suggestions coming from all directions and from every viewer: my students, friends, restaurant patrons and employees, and more! So the biggest challenge has been to decide who to portray from the current list of 1000 names.

Originally, the B&W series were individuals that I think are aiding and furthering the degradation and demise of American Exceptional ism as we've know it. The Color series were people that I respected for their courage to hold onto time tested traditional morals and who are openly mocked and ridiculed by the elites in media and press. Needless to say, my doubts were legitimate when the owner of the restaurant, Patrick Skelton, suggested hanging the portraits in his establishment. Honestly, who wants to eat an expensive meal while an incensed Rosie O'Donnell looms over your shoulder?

I have changed the qualifications for the new B&W and Color submissions. The new additions will be era-based; icons from days long past will be in the B&W set, while current icons will be in color. This will be more straightforward for the viewer, save me research, and will be more marketable (not many people buying OJ Simpson art). If you are interested in purchasing one of these works please contact The Charleston House Gallery. If you're in Montgomery, stop by the Chop House for a night of fine dining and fine art. Enjoy - Jared

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1 comment:

-Don said...

These are great! Suddenly I am in love with Audrey Hepburn all over again. You have captured her beauty and her essense of innocence perfectly. And, the drama in the background really reinforces both.