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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Bluejay for Grandma

Mr. Bluebird , acrylic on canvas, 24x18", 2010 NFS
Last Fall, my wife and I were house hunting for our first place to call home. We were under the gun with an agreement to move out of our apartment and no luck with the hunting. It seemed that every house we really liked had serious internal issues not visible to the naked eye. Also, we really wanted to get out to the country and away from the noise and chaos of the city. We eventually stumbled across a gorgeous home in a little town 20 minutes to the closest city in all directions. The seller of the home had just gone through a divorce and was getting rid of the house for a low, LOW offer. Even better the home came with enough property for me to fire rounds from my guns without anyone getting upset!!! It was great.
The seller, however, wasn't interested in meeting us half way and threatened to walk away from the negotiation table if she had to pay much in closing costs. This wasn't something we really planned on financially, so we went to my grandmother (VERY grudgingly I might add) to borrow the funds we didn't have and we became homeowners (although technically we'd be paying on it for the next 30yrs...I've never understood why they say "homeowner")
Not too long ago, my wife and I were ready to cut my grandmother a four figure check to repay her for her generosity and her loan. In addition to the loan repayment, I wanted to give her something else special that she could have forever. I put this painting together and it now hangs above her bed. I hope that God blesses her with all her needs. There is no one that I know who has a heart more of gold than my grandmother. She was raised in poverty and has always wanted to give her loved ones anything they need. Her generosity is definitely to a fault but I would gladly covet for that sin over any other. May she live another 80 years!


Dana Cooper said...

Lovely painting, lovely story!

April Beasley said...

How sweet! I hope you guys are loving your home. I miss you both!