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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did Somebody say "Collagen Injections"?

Angelina, acrylic on board, 24x24", 2010, $1200
(scroll down to purchase)

Some of you may remember some of my past posts which included images of pop culture portraits that I initially contrived for a undergraduate senior thesis project titled The Entitled - The Un-Entitled. After collage a local fine dining establishment needed artworks for their soon-to-be grand opening. The pop culture portraits managed to find their way onto the restaurant walls. Since then, roughly a year and a half ago, the community has been chatting it up about the artworks in the Chop House in Montgomery. It is a strong source of entertainment and the owner, Patrick Skelton, continues to beg for more. While I am busy with two jobs and a slew of portrait commissions already, I manage to squeeze out a new cultural icon here and there.

For Angelina's portrait I wanted to step up the composition by included several intricate designs in the background, which were all slightly distressed to add and extra element of diversity to the renderings. Angie is known to be an ink aficionado and has several tattoos on her body. These are usually in foreign languages. I included some Arabic in a pearlesque pigment to the immediate left of her visage. The calligraphy lays atop gilded representations of lace. Her famously puffy lips were saved for last for obvious reasons - they were time consuming to complete. For a measure of "overkill", I placed a gloss varnish on the lips only so that they are "wetter" in appearance from the right angles. Hope you find it interesting and if there are any Arabic speakers out there, I ask you to please translate the text on the left side. Thanks - Jared

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