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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worth Two in the Bush

Worth 2 in the Bush, acrylic on board, 20x24", 2010 SOLD

I find it absolutely amazing how dog breeds innately understand the purpose for which they were born. Take this Vizsla, for example - a bird dog that never needs training. From the first blast of the shotgun's muzzle, this dog runs like a summer's breeze while keeping an eagle eye on the prey falling from the sky. And it doesn't matter what obstacles come before him; the Vizsla will simply conquer them. Water, fallen timbers, rough terrain.... not a problem. In the end this dog will bring it's owner the reward of his labor, and all while seemingly wearing a smile. Pretty amazing. In fact, is there anything that humans know how to do from birth that equals this amazing attribute??? Enjoy - Jared

1 comment:

-Don said...

I saw this go by on my blogger dashboard yesterday, but didn't have time to stop by. I'm glad I swung by for a closer look. This is excellent! Not only do I love your excellent rendering of the animals, but I also love the antique "texturing" you suggested. It's absolutely beautiful.

Your prolific output of late is awe-inspiring. Keep it up!