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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Knew Yard Work is High in Fiber?

Weed-eater, acrylic on board, approx. 12x8", 2010 SOLD
This was a quick study. I pushed a few bold colors that I"ve had sitting on my palette over the last couple of weeks. The photo doesn't do the violets, blues, and reds justice. I'm reminded of my sister's Shih Tzu, Gizmo. When he was still a pup he had a bad habit of eating anything he could find in the backyard during his potty breaks... and I DOO-DOO mean anything! Luckily, he's broken of those bad habits, but I suppose it's a natural urge for animals to eat a little greenage here and there. My cats will eat grass whenever I track a little indoors after cutting the lawn. I've heard that they will eat grass to help clear out their digestive system. I guess I understand; if I ate some dirty lawn mulch I guarantee that I'd have a cleared digestive system in about 5 seconds flat. Kids: don't try this at home! - Enjoy the art - Jared


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love this guy, Jared! You've got the eyes just right, and I love the nose!

Dana Cooper said...

Jared, this is as cute as it can be, I love it!

Dana Cooper said...

Jared, it doesn't get any better than cute!!