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Friday, May 30, 2008

Aegean Cathedrals - SOLD

Aegean Cathedrals I, Acrylic on canvas, 11x14", SOLD

Well, I have been posting very seldom as of late. There's no good excuse - just that I can't seem to multitask well; that's great if your a bomb technician, but not so good if your an average Joe. I have recently found a gallery here in Montgomery that I am pleased with and by which I am now being represented. The gallery is Charleston House and the co-owner, David Owen, is an accomplished artist. I have been working hard to paint the subjects that I enjoy, like this travel piece of the Greek Coast, with the hope of building up a descent portfolio and eradicating that tell tale collegiate portfolio filled with unrelated assignment pieces. I will be producing several landscapes in the near future, and have already, so tell me what you think about the new direction and forgive me my long siesta. - Jared


samos said...

This piece it beautiful Jared! I think your new plan of painting what you enjoy is a great idea. I think we make our best work when it's not something we are forced to do. Although that is just my opinion. =)

Tabitha said...

This is beautiful. I feel as though I'm looking at a memory that I have never experience. I think it is wise to go in any direction that your heart takes you painting. I look forward to seeing more.

Jackie Aves said...

This view is great. The the light through your use of architectural color is perfect and you have captured the steepness of the hillside enough to give me vertigo.