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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photos From the Senior Exhibit

Here are a few photos of my senior exhibition at AUM thanks to my father-in-law, Bill. I am very happy that it is all over. It took a lot of time and effort but of course that was why it felt like a success. There were more than 30 pieces in the show with the majority being figurative works. The only complaint I have it that the gallery space at AUM is equivalent to a large janitorial closet. But there was a good turnout throughout the week and for that I am very appreciative.
Now that I am done with AUM I would like to say that if you are a dedicated artist or desire to be one then AUM isn't the school for you. I went out of convenience and I partially regret that decision. Look for a school that has a dedication to the arts, unlike AUM which is primarily focused on business. Also, I wish that I had been coached on what the real world is like once out of college. What's the best way to promote your art? to sell it? to get commissions? to compete well? Sure it's great to joke about being starving but once you're there I speculate that you're not joking about much - you're cursing it. I now look forward to daily painting and working on building a hearty portfolio for gallery submissions. Stay tuned - Jared


Casey Gunter said...

I agree with your attitude towards AUM, it is horrible how we get no graditude and if we do it is about one or two people not the entire art department. And now that I am getting ready to graduate I wish we were educated and prepared on how to succeed after college. It is frustrating not knowing how to promote your work and get your name out so we can make a decent living and possibly (maybe possibly) make it a career so we can make money doing what we love to do!!!

rgarriott said...

Sadly, the business of art is not something you're likely to learn at ANY college or art school... having been to 2 colleges, 3 art schools, and trade school, and having lots of artist friends in similar positions, I think I can speak with some validity. The reasons why are perhaps not as clear... I have some theories, do you?