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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cedar Pocket

Cedar Pocket, acrylic on panel, approx. 22x18", $300
(scroll down to purchase)
Here is a larger landscape taken from a cross-country trip I had with a friend of mine years ago. I was fascinated with the mountainous terrain and I have always been intrigued by highways and roads. This piece follows two others of the same vein, just smaller. (Virgin River Canyon, and Canyon Highway.) I thought this turned out alright - I would have liked the clouds to have been a bit more flawless in their rendering as well as the mountain. At one point I felt that the span of concrete on the bottom left was too empty, so I added some graffiti on the wall. Then I felt that the graffiti became the focal point - the first thing that got attention. So I subsequently painted it out. I think the more tame, final version (without the graffiti) is more marketable and appealing. Let me know what you all think: graffiti or no graffiti? - Jared

1 comment:

Felicia Marshall said...

I absolutly LOVE your work. You have a remarkable ability to handle acrylics as if they are oils. Fabulous!