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Monday, June 9, 2008

Fishers' Wharf

Fishers' Wharf, acrylic on canvas, 12x16", SOLD
This is my newest painting. I loved the colors on these fishing vessels. The reds, blues and whites compliment the warm yellow oxide base coat. I especially liked the reflections in the water. I find that water is a great aid in adding interest to a landscape composition, allowing you to carry colors in virtually any direction in order to enhance the visual appeal of the painting as a whole. This was painted on a museum depth canvas which allowed me to continue the image around the sides. I love the "extra" little bit that the deep sides add to the piece.
On a side note, my last entry of the dog portrait was viewed by the pop artist, Nathan Janes. (You can read his comment on the post below) I visited his website and was captivated while laughing the whole time. I would suggest that everyone visit his page. He really brings out the emotions of our four-legged friends! - Jared


Pop ARF said...

Thanks for the comments and interest in my artwork!
I really dig this newest painting. Nice use of color! I'm always a fan of paintings that google my eyes with colors galore.

My newest painting is really going to be make people think. I'll make sure to bark your way when it's complete.

Thanks again,


Jacob said...

I am amazed with your talent, Brother! I really love this one. I can just stare at it and sail in thoughts... very captivating.

The Laing Gang said...

This is the kind of work that pulls me in. My heart is with the sea and this one is incredible with the color. --Kelly Laing