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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Latest Commissioned Portrait

Private Commission, acrylic on canvas, 24x30", contact artist for commission prices
I apologize for the absence of posts. I have been extremely occupied with various commission related projects. My latest commissioned portrait is posted above. This job opportunity came through my father. A co-worker of his mentioned the idea of commissioning a portrait of her boyfriend's mother. My father was eager to give her my contact info and here's what transpired. This particular client wanted to give her boyfriend a birthday gift that would replace some of the grief that he has experienced due to his mother's passing 3 years ago on his birthday. I commended her for her thoughtful and compassionate intentions and promised her a great portrait. I used what few images my client was able to acquire for me and added the pearls and matching earrings as a last touch. This piece is one of my favorites. - Jared


Amy Guidry said...

Congrats! Nice painting- I like the skin tones and the expression on the face.

Deborah Ross said...

This is just beautiful and I'm sure her son thought so,too.