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Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Such Thing as Personal Space

Dog Eyed, acrylic on board, approx 4x6.5", 2010, $85
Talk about extreme close-ups. I wanted to capture the playful quality of pups; always jumping in your lap and trying to clean your teeth. This little fellow, however, just appears to be having a show down with the viewer, waiting to see if you'll blink first. I only had a sliver of negative space in the top right corner to add an element of interest, which I did by throwing in some rather intense green. I also really like the reflected light shown in the lips of the dog. I think that's cool....but then again I am probably extra nerdy when it comes to looking at my own art. - Jared

1 comment:

-Don said...

Jared, I've been enjoying the opportunity of going through you blog and checking out all your wonderful works of art. I hadn't been by in a while and you have been BUSY!

I agree with everything you wrote about this puppy's portrait and I'll add how much I love the reflection in his eye. Great job!