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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artwork Featured in Boom Magazine

My painting of Hershey, beloved pet of Montgomery's Talk Radio host Greg Budell, was unexpectedly featured in the June 2011 issue of Boom Magazine. I tend to keep the radio on a talk station while I work in the studio and was surprised to hear my name come up in a conversation about the Boom article on Greg. I did this painting for him as an out-side-the-box method of conjuring up business. Greg has a huge local listening group, to the surprise of some (like his liberal sidekick cougar, Susan) and even has listening devotees from Florida to Chicago. Greg brought a lot of attention to me and my artwork.

In doing this portrait of Hershey, I wanted to illustrate Greg's immense patriotic sentiments by adding a healthy portion of red, white & blue. With a little scratching, distressing and glazing, this piece turned out to be a great piece of Americana. Thanks again to Greg for finding way to include this piece in his media appearances. Hail the Hershey! - Jared


Peachy Cheek said...

That is wonderful news!! Its a beautiful and wonderfully done painting and I am so happy it was featured in the magazine!!!

Wishing you well!!

Take care,


Lynne said...

Ok, i am your newest and probably most excited fan today. As a dog and horse rescuer and owner of SEVEN chihuahuas and a greyhound, I'd have to be a millionaire to afford their portraits! But if you ever wanted to do a "collage" of the seven dwarves.....I want to promiote you to my horse friends as well. WOW is all I cam say about your style and technique. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!Can i link you on my facebook?????
Lynne Blackwell

Jared Kelley said...
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Jared Kelley said...

Lynne - thanks for the kind remarks. Nice to know I can count on you to be at least one groupie should I ever become a rock star:) Please "like" my FB art page - It's "Works by J.Evan Kelley". You can also see my dog paintings for sale at, search art/paintings/animals/dogs. Thanks again - Jared