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Friday, June 17, 2011

Roy Jones Jr. - Olympic Gold Medalist!

Roy Jones Jr.(prelim sketch), graphite/charcoal/acrylic, 14x28½", 2011

Here's another prelim sketch that I did for my current client in Pensacola. My client used to be part of Jones' management team and was able to see this fighter's raw talents front row. As is usual for me, I dug up some research on Jones since I am NOT BOXING LITERATE! In fact I knew nothing about Jones apart from the vague familiarity of his namesake, which I probably was exposed to from a 3AM Sportscenter reel while I was half asleep.

Through my exhaustive research (i.e. Wikipedia) I discovered that Jones was the first person in over 100 years to win belts in every category from lightweight to heavyweight. Even more impressive is that in 1988, at the age of only 19, Jones went to Seoul, South Korea to represent the USA in boxing. I even got to see some of the actual video footage on YouTube. It was clear to everyone watching here in states, sportscasters included, that Jones was the undeniable dominant force in the ring. He was mopping the floor with his Korean opponent in the Gold Medal bout! Yet after the 3rd round ended with Jones looking like he just walked out of a spa and his opponent looking like a bruised Russet potato, the Korean officiator declared Jones' competitor the winner. The reaction was shear disbelief stateside. I was so infuriated at the Korean's clear, brazen theft of a gold medal that I decided to make it a focal point in this sketch. At least in Florida, Jones will live forever as a Gold Medalist!!! - Jared

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